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Seki Works Ltd moves to the heart of South Auckland!

Affordable, convenient and reliable cargo freight services Seki Works Ltd has opened their doors at 4a Onslow Ave Manukau following an official opening on February 23, 2019.

Attended by prominent Samoan and Pacific business owners and delegates, including Samoa's Trade Commissioner to New Zealand, Magele Mauiliu Magele.

Father Iosefa blessing the new Seki Works Office

Father Iosefa Euese began the formalities with a short sermon, blessing the new premises.

The Trade Commissioner took to the podium to speak about making connections with business people here in NZ and those in Samoa.

“Seki Works is a great example in this area, in the interest of generating jobs and sharing the wealth across the two nations.”

The Managing Director Maria Malaki delivered the keynote address before it was officially opened by Great Works and Seki Works Ltd’s Managing Director Maria Luatuanuu Gafa Malaki’s own mother Siauifo Luatuanuu Gafa Aofia.

It was a moment of absolute pride for the Samoan business woman, whose mother has been her inspiration and motivation to take both her career and business from strengths to strengths.

“My mum was a single parent and worked as a teacher aid at one of the colleges in Otara, growing up after migrating from Samoa to New Zealand to be with her, naturally I wanted to help mum out,” says the strong independent single mother of one.

“I think about her leaving her home in Samoa and coming to a foreign country in New Zealand for a better life, for a better future for her family.

“It’s all about tautua, tautua i lau aiga.”

Samoa Trade Commissioner, Magele Mauiliu Magele

For Maria it took a lot of courage, to risk it all not knowing whether you’re going to achieve what you want to achieve.

“But it’s that navigator instinct.”

So, much like her mother, who journeyed from Samoa, Maria went from stacking shelves at a local supermarket, to spending 14 years in the freight services industry before deciding to leave her 9-5 job to start her own business.

Seki Works Managing Director, Maria Malaki

Her 64-year-old mother was worried and nervous for her daughter, when Maria first told her about her business idea.

“I know Maria always gives it her best and that was comforting to me because it’s one of her strongest traits- perseverance,” says Siauifo who, like any mother, worried seeing Maria leave for work before dawn and come home after dark.

However she knew Maria was working hard to achieve not just her goals but to solve an issue for her own people in the homeland.

Seki Works was born from what Maria noticed was a need to provide an affordable, convenient and reliable service to the families of Savai’i.

“Through talking to people I found out that the service to Savaii had really deteriorated, in terms of getting freight across.

“I am surrounded by strong females in my family, and in my life."

“I’m a problem solver, and so I saw that opportunity- not necessarily to make money but rather to improve somebody else’s life.”

“For me my focus was setting up Seki works to make the lives of my people better, I want a service that is reliable.”

Siauifo Luatuanuu Gafa Aofia cutting the ribbon

As the ribbon was cut to allow Seki Works Ltd to be open for business in Manukau, Maria couldn’t help but reflect on her journey which was influenced by the strong women in her life that set an example for her every day.

“I am surrounded by strong females in my family, and in my life. Not to take away from the strong males in my life like my grandfather, brother and uncles but there is a significant role that my mother has played in being my backbone and being my strength.

“And I guess never giving up on me, even when some of the choices I’ve made have gone against some of the advice that she has given.

“She’s always allowed me the opportunity to make mistakes and to pick myself back up again.

“But the support that my mum has given has been undeniably a very strong factor in terms of my journey to where I am today.”

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